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Nucleus Partners

Operational Capital

Nucleus Partners provides "hands on" operational services utilizing its team of Entrepreneur Partners. A small team of these partners is assigned to a portfolio company that has knowledge and experience aligned with the needs of the portfolio company and its management. The Entrepreneur Partner team works on specific projects to extend and complement the bandwidth and expertise of the founders/management. Our team will leverage the knowledge of all (20) partners and their industry contacts if required to complete a project.

Through our working due diligence and project relationship with a portfolio company, Nucleus Partners learns all aspects of the business and strategy and contributes to refining the company’s positioning and tactical plan. The “insight from the inside” that is gained through this working relationship allows the team to know the founders/ management and assess future management team needs to grow the business. Typical projects include:

  • Develop and/or refine business and execution plan

  • Develop financial plan and model

  • Identify and validate key market drivers, pain points and market size/trends

  • Assess and refine product plan

  • Assess and develop "go to market plan"

  • Assist in transition to sales driven from engineering centric organization

  • Introduction to and management of potential customers

  • Introduction, development and management of strategic partners

  • Validate and develop repeatable sales/channel model

  • Assess growth alternative for existing business – M&A, private equity, venture capital

  • Identify and recruit additional management team and board members

  • Prepare due diligence materials in anticipation of investor requests

  • Develop funding strategy and manage investment process including qualification and introduction to funding sources

The result of the working due diligence and Nuclear Process is a believable business opportunity and well conceived business plan that mitigates the risk for potential investors. Our team can prepare a portfolio company for a funding process through the generation of due diligence materials that will accelerate the investment due diligence process and allow management to focus on building the business.


Why Nucleus?

The Entrepreneur Partners at Nucleus Partners represent 20 partners with more than 600 years of collective business experience at start-up, emerging and growth companies. We apply our “Wisdom of Masses” to collectively contribute to growth and opportunity. Our experience includes corporate/business development M&A, spinout, IPO and financing transactions with the biggest and best known companies in the technology industry. Most of us have been CEOs and/or other “C” –level executives, so we have lived through the challenges faced by emerging companies. Based on personal experience, we know what works and does not. Our veteran team of Entrepreneur Partners have run and participated on boards of public companies as well as advised private companies.

The Nucleus Entrepreneur Partners also maintain an active, wide network of senior management contacts in high technology and financial services industries including semiconductors, medical devices, healthcare, enterprise software, communications/networks, digital media, consumer, and transportation/energy.