Identify. Build. Achieve.
Nucleus Partners

The Nuclear Process uniquely redefines the traditional notion of venture capital by extending the focus of capital far beyond the investment of money. Emerging companies need more than working capital to succeed. Many companies entering the market face a serious support gap where the resources and expertise to get to the next level are not available or at the level required to become successful. The Nuclear Process is really designed to solve the existing support gap. The Nuclear Process is about building companies, giving them the direction and resources to achieve success.

The Nuclear Process helps emerging companies prepare companies for the investment process and beyond by extending the definition of venture capital to four inter-related areas:

Strategic Capital

A well crafted and articulated strategy is an absolute necessity to achieve superior results.  Nucleus Partners offers a robust corporate development service for early stage companies that will maximize and accelerate the growth of shareholder value.  We have the domain, planning, marketing, finance, sales, and operating expertise needed to help companies develop and implement a strategy that will accelerate growth.  Nucleus Partners Strategic Capital Practice offers services to:

  • Assess the vision of the company in light of its strengths and opportunities

  • Articulate the vision of the company founders, entrepreneurs and executives

  • Define strategies to achieve superior results

Human Capital

Nucleus Partners believes that the foundation for any strong company is outstanding people, who share the passion for their business and can work together to achieve their business vision.  The Nucleus Partners Human Capital Practice offers services to:

  • Assess the current team by identifying gaps and achieving alignment

  • Search for the right people to augment and grow the management team, filling gaps

  • Integrate the new players on the team to execute a smooth transition

Operational Capital

A detailed tactical plan accompanied by strong and rigorous execution will lead to a successful organization. The Nucleus Partners Operational Capital Practice offers services to extend and enhance the bandwidth of management in the areas of:

  • Business/Partner Development
  • Product Planning
  • Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Operations
  • Finance

Working Capital

Nucleus Partners believes that while capital is a commodity, it is necessary fuel for the journey, giving companies the financial resources to staff, plan and execute. Nucleus Partners works with founders/ management to prepare materials for investor due diligence, manage venture fund raising and complete a financing transaction.


At Nucleus Partners, our sole objective is to achieve results for our investors and the companies we invest in. We are not a traditional early stage venture capital firm that only looks to invest in companies financially. Our goal is to build companies from the ground up, thus increasing the opportunity of financial success for both the entrepreneur and our limited partners.


Nuclear Process

Why Nucleus?

The Entrepreneur Partners at Nucleus Partners represent 20 partners with more than 600 years of collective business experience at start-up, emerging and growth companies. We apply our “Wisdom of Masses” to collectively contribute to growth and opportunity. Our experience includes corporate/business development M&A, spinout, IPO and financing transactions with the biggest and best known companies in the technology industry. Most of us have been CEOs and/or other “C” –level executives, so we have lived through the challenges faced by emerging companies. Based on personal experience, we know what works and does not. Our veteran team of Entrepreneur Partners have run and participated on boards of public companies as well as advised private companies.

The Nucleus Entrepreneur Partners also maintain an active, wide network of senior management contacts in high technology and financial services industries including semiconductors, medical devices, healthcare, enterprise software, communications/networks, digital media, consumer, and transportation/energy.