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Nucleus Partners

LE Incorporated
ITM Software provides CIOs with software products and management expertise that advance the business management of Information Technology. The ITM Business Suite is the product of deep IT management experience and provides CIOs with the visibility and control required to manage the project, vendor, people, financial, and governance challenges of IT.
CEO: Kenneth Coleman

LE Incorporated
Light Engineering (LE) uses cutting-edge technology to develop and manufacture high performance, high power density electrical motors and generators.
CEO: Matthew Johnston

LE Incorporated
LightSand Communications™ is a pioneer in high-performance extension technologies that allow interconnection of Storage Area Networks (SAN's) over Local Area Networks (LANs), Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs). These systems enable the enterprise to manage and extend their storage networks and the Service Provider to offer high-margin, value-added storage extension services to their customers.
CEO: Richard Czech

LE Incorporated
MedeFinance is a customer-driven application service provider (ASP) of unique financial-reporting and analytical resources for the healthcare industry. The company collects digital transaction data from healthcare providers and payers, and then translates, reconciles, and merges this raw data within a proprietary databases to produce performance and analysis eReports.
CEO: Jim Quist

What They Say

Nucleus Partners has made a significant, positive impact on our Company - a true partner in supporting the growth of our business. When Nucleus engaged with MedeFinance, we faced several key inflection points. They have played a very important role in helping us define our mission and develop our strategy and its execution plan, scale our business, recruit key team additions, evolve our Board of Directors and realize the successful syndication of our funding round. Nucleus has made a major intellectual capital investment in MedeFinance and the results have put us on a pathway for tremendous success. The Nuclear Process has really worked for us.”

James Quist
CEO MedeFinance

Great Ideas Achieved

Fifty years ago, Roger Bannister became the first person to run a sub-four minute mile.  Prior to his achievement, it was widely assumed that this time barrier was physically impossible for a human being to break.  Bannister believed it was possible.  He used his knowledge as a physician to give him as much help as possible, yet less than two months after that fateful day in May, another person accomplished the same goal.  Today, a four-minute mile is commonplace.

At Nucleus Partners we believe that achievement is part of a continuum.  Through our Nuclear Process, we help companies continually achieve so that success is never commonplace.