Nucleus Partners -Partner Perspective
Nucleus Partners has made a significant, positive impact on our company -- a true partner in supporting the growth of our business. When Nucleus engaged with MedeFinance, we faced several key inflection points."   - James Quist, CEO MedeFinance  More...
Nucleus Partners Holdings LLC
Nucleus Partners
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Nucleus Partners LLC is a Palo Alto-based venture capital firm leveraging an innovative approach to identify, evaluate and invest in early stage businesses with emerging technologies. Founded in September 2001, Nucleus engages in a consulting assignment relationship with prospective portfolio companies as part of its diligence process and prior to investing capital. The goal is to select really outstanding companies as well as mitigate risks that normally remain after the traditional venture diligence process.

At the core of the Nucleus model is the Nuclear Process -- a rigorous, working diligence approach whereby Nucleus Partners engages in a project with a potential portfolio company before investing. Nucleus further differentiates itself from other venture firms by leveraging its team of Entrepreneur Partners (all veteran entrepreneurs/ executives) to bring proven operational experience, contacts and resources to the Nuclear Process and the Firm's portfolio companies.

Nucleus is focused on solving the Funding and Support Gap at the seed and validation stages to realize higher-quality deal flow and better investment opportunities.

To match its unique market approach, Nucleus has structured itself uniquely with a corporate structure, with an active board of directors governing the firm's business activities. Nucleus Partners marries venture industry best practices formulated over several decades with our unique Nuclear Process to create investment value.